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This site will hopefully make it easier for you to find a new Xbox 360 with a DVD-ROM drive model that you want. The list is generated by user submissions and I encourage you to do the same. You can not expect that any of the information you find on this site to be accurate, or lead you to a Xbox 360 pack with the approriate drive. This is stictly a site to help organize the data available. -

2011-07-22: The latest Xbox 360 revision, Corona v6, is now added to the submission form.

2011-12-06: Added the new Slim 320 GB model that's been released last month.

Added Pack Video MFR Date LOT TEAM Firmw. Drive Board HDMI Fan Country Shop Posted by Comment # R
1. 2011-06-18 360 Slim 4GB * NTSC 2011-05-04 1119X FSHE 1071 Philips-LiteOn 16D4S Trinity/Velje (v5 Slim) Yes Unk Thailand Goonggamer overtune None 0 [x]
2. 2011-02-03 360 Elite PAL 2010-10-29 0935 SJPN MS28 Toshiba-Samsung H943 Jasper/Kronos (v4.5) Yes Nidec Thailand N/A kai None 0 [x]
3. 2011-03-24 360 Slim 4GB NTSC 2010-10-06 1041X FSHE 0225 Philips-LiteOn 16D4S Trinity/Velje (v5 Slim) Yes Unk Thailand N/A overtune None 0 [x]
4. 2012-12-10 360 Slim 4GB NTSC 2010-09-11 1038X FSHE 0225 Philips-LiteOn 16D5S Trinity/Velje (v5 Slim) Yes Unk Thailand N/A overtune None 0 [x]
5. 2009-02-27 360 Arcade * PAL 2009-02-02 0905 CSON LIT Philips-LiteOn 16D2S Jasper (v4) Yes Unk Thailand GAME ZAAP Ton Buy with.. 1 [x]
6. 2011-05-27 360 Premium 60GB NTSC 2008-10-23 0833 CSON 74850c Philips-LiteOn 16D2S Falcon (v3) Yes Unk Thailand N/A Thirapat None 0 [x]
7. 2008-08-20 360 Premium 20GB NTSC 2008-06-02 0822 NA N/A Philips-LiteOn 16D2S Unk. Yes Unk Thailand N/A mandil None 0 [x]
8. 2008-01-10 360 Premium 20GB * NTSC 2007-10-31 0743 CSON N/A Philips-BenQ 6038 Unk. Yes Unk Thailand Rich Game mace999 Falcon 1.. 0 [x]
9. 2007-05-09 360 Premium 20GB NTSC 2005-10-29 0544 WZHO 47D Hitachi-LG 3120L Unk. No Unk Thailand N/A thoon None 0 [x]
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