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Feedback is greatly appreciated, both positive and negative as long as it's contstructive and valid.
Tell me what you think of the system, data collection, improvements, new ideas, design issues, things like that.

Want to help support the site?

PLEASE NOTE: Do not post troubleshooting or support questions. This is not a forum!

#1 - posted by (70.30.4*.*)2006-06-07 06:06:21
I think the TEAM code combined with LOT is the key.

As TEAM I belived whould be assigned a block of
the same drives on the assembly line.

I don't see MS taking a pile of drives unwrapping
them, and then mixing them among the TEAMS.

#2 - posted by (80.213.21*.*)2006-06-08 13:43:47
Yes, I think there is something about those numbers too. But we need a lot of entries to confirm that.

#3 - posted by Chris (82.153.23*.*)2006-06-09 19:14:16
Just a note to say that the link in the edit email points to and not

#4 - posted by (212.125.22*.*)2006-06-11 02:14:03
Chris, thanks I'll fix it.

#5 - posted by r0b (70.37.15*.*)2006-06-13 06:34:32
We should have a database on the exact model of the drive for future reference

#6 - posted by franco (220.240.11*.*)2006-06-15 11:06:10
i think the hitachi drives should have their model number i.e. 46 47 or 59...

#7 - posted by Brian (24.251.2*.*)2006-06-19 00:00:10
Fantastic Site. keep up the good work. Thank You

#8 - posted by (69.160.2*.*)2006-09-16 22:35:07
can you add a section for pepole the have had errors or problems with there 360's, so we can track which one's have problems

#9 - posted by (83.67.1*.*)2006-11-21 04:24:39
2006-02-11 Hitachi drive bought from game in the uk

#10 - posted by (172.188.12*.*)2006-12-10 19:46:36
Well we may have a problem here, two machines with the same date, lot and team number but different drives! But there are extremly few matching sets - we need a lot more input.

#11 - posted by (81.76.6*.*)2006-12-18 09:28:46
Might be worth running through the list and weeding out the N/A ones - after all, this is a 360 DRIVE database, what's the point in listing machines without them?
Also, standardising the firmware version (replacing 59DJ, 0059DJ, 0059, etc. with a common value) would make the list easier to sort.

BTW, I've seen a core pack and a premium pack made on 17/8/06, one had Hitachi, the other Samsung (filter list by eXOBeX to find them) - these are not typos, they are 100% accurate, presumably the premium packs were on a different production line within the factory.

#12 - posted by (172.202.24*.*)2006-12-18 22:12:42
We really could do with making certain fields compusary i.e type, firmware and manufactor date, as we've just had a load dumped in by some swedish guy with virtually no useful info. It's a shame the info is split between the machine and the box, as i mod dozens every week but really see a box.

#13 - posted by (67.84.8*.*)2007-01-07 13:42:26
your system decided my email address was not a valid address. Strange I've signed up and confirmed a bunch of forums using the address. Even received activation emails with links and stuff. I could swear that's a valid email when you can do that stuff. definately more valid than a blank line or I am sure some of the ones I could find if I wasn't tired at the moment. Although it let this fake one I posted with through just fine.

#14 - posted by (170.146.9*.*)2007-01-16 18:51:58
Well, I figured out the problem with your system and my email address.

I typed it as NotMe@

Your system incorrectly rejects it as invalid unless I change it to notme@

Email addressing is supposed to be case insensitive. You might consider changing your scripts to convert the entire address to either all upper or all lower before doing the check for validity of the address. Unfortunately I do not remember what address I used for my first drive submission so I will never be able to edit that submission.

#15 - posted by (170.146.9*.*)2007-04-16 20:12:34
Will the Elite system be added as an option soon? Just curious as I've managed to get my hands on and check the drives of 2 of them. I'd like to be able to add that info.

#16 - posted by (217.37.12*.*)2007-04-19 18:21:36
Excellent database, i found the site from xbox-scene while researching for possible quieter xbox360 drives. Just submitted data for a 360 that i returned to the shop, but it's all accurate.
Lot's of forums are comming up with the theory that anything after Dec-14-2006 and LOT 0650 is the key to getting a BENQ, however a recent post in your db as below has killed that theory.
Posted by Lee
0651, 2006-12-19, FD0U = Toshiba-Samsung

Let's hope purchases of the new Elite machines spare the time to add their data here. Please let NotMe add his data soon..

#17 - posted by Millio007 (156.111.23*.*)2007-04-30 19:58:32

Team CSON LOT 0711 = hitachi

#18 - posted by Millio007 (156.111.23*.*)2007-04-30 19:59:08
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hitachi 0079fk sorry

#19 - posted by (71.234.8*.*)2007-05-01 08:45:58
I agree with the rest of the folks. Please add Elite. THX

#20 - posted by R.MnTnA (71.234.8*.*)2007-05-02 00:47:53

#21 - posted by (81.216.20*.*)2007-05-05 14:35:33
Great site, good work!

Just some spelling mistakes on a few pages like: : "...submitted incorrect inforamtion."
& : " It's the latter"

as said, great site and good work!

#22 - posted by (213.114.22*.*)2007-05-05 23:50:36
Why isn't there any information if theres Samsung or Hitachi drives on Those Bundled Consoles

#23 - posted by WHatever (12.215.20*.*)2007-06-10 06:50:29
Worked great finding an ms28. Thanks for the site guys.

#24 - posted by Holy shit (12.215.20*.*)2007-06-10 06:51:34
Why is so much of my ip address shown. Breaking out my tinfoil hat.

#25 - posted by Attila (64.172.22*.*)2007-09-11 18:19:15
Nice site!

You should require that all lot numbers require for digits. Right now lot number 0727 and 727 show up as being different.

#26 - posted by chuck (141.153.15*.*)2007-09-12 03:46:32
Can you guys help. My team is CSON but my lot is 0721 (not 0712). That wasn't in the data base. What will I have if I open the elite? I didn't want to open it until I knew. Thanks!

#27 - posted by (81.31.2*.*)2007-09-13 19:25:22
Hello there, I've got quit a strange problem, so if anyone could give me any advise, I would appreciate it. I was hoping I would be able to detect the DVD drive of Xbox 360 Elite in the store, and could buy some flashable (= not BENQ). I print myself table of LOT numbers and DVD drivers, carefully look where should be the LOT number and go to the store. The seller cannot unpack the Xbox and run it, so I was able to recognize only from LOT & TEAM number. BUT there wasn’t any of them, instead of it there were only “Product ID” and “Serial No.”, is there any possible way how from these determine the drive type ? THX for any help.

#28 - posted by (67.173.11*.*)2007-09-21 19:49:38
How do you create a site like this?

#29 - posted by fancyshmancy (70.228.9*.*)2007-09-29 21:58:54
I think you guys need to add an option for the Halo 3 Special Edition consoles so we can track the drives, lot numbers, and team numbers. Thanks!

#30 - posted by Jontox (195.218.2*.*)2007-10-30 21:22:41
Why not add a column to specify Motherboard Version
Falcon - Zephyr - ...???

#31 - posted by Steve (65.175.23*.*)2007-11-01 20:08:35
I agree with fancyshmancy in that we need a separate category for the Halo3 edition Xbox 360, Are we supposed to submit it under Premium or Elite?


#32 - posted by (201.170.11*.*)2007-11-06 16:35:15
I also agree with fancyshmancy about adding an option for Halo 3 consoles.

#33 - posted by Rick (70.150.22*.*)2007-11-09 17:53:16
Add the falcon option to the columns... that would help to identify the consoles better

#34 - posted by Ahren (67.171.22*.*)2007-11-10 17:57:42
Please add a column so that people can simply say "yes" or "no" for if it's the new Falcon motherboard. Thanks.

#35 - posted by Lestat (69.138.19*.*)2007-11-10 19:56:58
I am buying a 360 in about a week. I would also like to know if there is any way to tell which drive I will get BEFORE I make a purchase and get it home (a.k.a. numbers on the box)??????

#36 - posted by (65.121.2*.*)2007-11-13 20:39:56
anyone know what DVD drive comes with the halo LE xbox 360?

#37 - posted by Buzz (68.192.22*.*)2007-11-21 02:27:31
hi - could u add halo edition to dropdown please?

top marks for the website!

#38 - posted by MACDADDY (74.192.22*.*)2007-11-22 08:55:54
Need option for XBOX 360 PRO not just PREMIUM or maybe they are the same thing????

#39 - posted by RedNax (86.83.13*.*)2007-11-23 08:53:14
How do you tell if it's a Falcon board from just the box? You look at the powerconsumption that's noted on it.. 203W is Zephyr and the like, 175W is Falcon!!


#40 - posted by Mike G (67.163.5*.*)2007-11-24 08:03:25
Please allow DVD drive type to be UNSPECIFIED. I think opening the Xbox voids the warranty -- anyway I didn't want to open it. I was forced to choose BenQ because my drive tray did not match either picture in the pictures of Falcon DVD trays for Hitachi and LG.
Please include the anandtech URL for everyone to see:

#41 - posted by (68.225.12*.*)2007-12-03 21:38:59
wish u could add a city / state field(s) to database - most people are only putting in store name and country. Would be nice to track similarities by region.

#42 - posted by delahmed (91.106.5*.*)2007-12-06 15:54:50
For UK guys looking to buy Arcade + BENQ + FALCON.

Looks like TEAM FDOU, LOT NO 0740 are all BENQS and FALCON. I bought mine from game in putney, SW15 and told the guy to look at the boxes and there was 1 out of 20 that was 175W. Was 99% sure it was a BENQ too.... and it was. Have updated the databas with the info.


#43 - posted by Greg (208.38.5*.*)2007-12-06 19:26:27
Please update the HowTo section to include the new Benq drive picture. Details can be found here:

#44 - posted by Backdown00 (72.80.16*.*)2007-12-07 12:53:33
I think you should add an option to select what fans came in the 360 (either Delta DC Brushless, Nidec, Or Sunon.) I think the fan selection is just as if not more important than the dvd drive now as those fans vary in noise produced greatly. It would help us all to try and get the better fans (nidec/sunon).

#45 - posted by Backdown00 (72.80.16*.*)2007-12-07 12:56:01
You can tell what fans you have by looking through the back of the console and on the sticker on the fans - no sticker means and all black fans mean Nidec, sitcker with green on it that says sunon is sunon, sticker that says DC Brushless with a triangle means delta.

#46 - posted by moneydog96 (74.74.22*.*)2007-12-08 20:38:28
Give us a way to submit info about refurbs recieved from Microsoft. They don't come with team/lot numbers and I think it's important to know what kind of units are coming from the repair centers.

#47 - posted by (84.90.9*.*)2007-12-13 22:35:24
bought mine today in PORTUGAL "FNAC STORE " lot 0740 team FDOU /arcade version bundle/ mnf date 03-10-2007 /drive benq e can see tru the bottom the new coolers /i think it have two transistors /probably is a falcon !! it sure is 15 % more quieter and runs much more cooler! i had one other sent to repair today /samsung drive /and this one i bought new is much more cooler and queiter! hope it last more! but it haves the same performence on games !!!a friend of mine have a unit came from repair and got the old version of the motherboard and a benq drive! they put an extra cooler!but no hdmi or falcon motherboard !!!!

#48 - posted by (84.90.9*.*)2007-12-13 22:40:23
and it haves a 175w power suppy my new one!

#49 - posted by (71.98.10*.*)2007-12-30 02:57:05
thank you very much for helping me find a benq drive in the sea of never ending hitachi-lg

for your site, maybe make 0745 and 745 searches for lot # bring back the same results?

#50 - posted by RollingBlackout (59.167.14*.*)2007-12-30 12:54:40
It'd be helpful to add a column for the Falcon so people could say yes or no without having to indicate in their comments.

#51 - posted by (68.187.8*.*)2008-01-12 05:08:25
Is there a way from the outside of a brand new box to tell what DVD drive is inside?

#52 - posted by (67.186.10*.*)2008-01-12 14:41:57
Got an Elite Falcon with Benq last night, but it has DC Brushless fans. Oh well I am still happy.

lot 742 team cson made 10 - 24 - 07 Elite Holiday Bundle (real bundle with GO BIG printed on box, not stickered) good luck searching for one of these rare black birds

#53 - posted by Rob (12.169.25*.*)2008-01-17 17:55:51
I'm looking for an Elite which seem to be in short supply here in Toronto, I found some at EB Games Team CSON, Lot 742 and Manufacture date of Dec 4 2007. The white sticker on the box says 203W, but a buddy of mine said he baught a premium at xmas and it said 203W on the box as well but was actually 175W when he opened it. Anyone else come across this?

#54 - posted by Lee (87.50.7*.*)2008-02-03 16:16:04
Nice database, but I don't see why you ask people to open their new 360's to check the firmware... This voids the warranty!

#55 - posted by SKarl (216.191.4*.*)2008-02-22 15:31:09
Hey Rob, I had the exact same thing happen to me. I had recently purchased my 360 from walmart in early Jan. The box said 203W and I was soon going to return it. But after reading that some boxes are labelled incorrectly I decided to open it. Using a hairdryer (lol) I cleanly removed box sticker seals. I looked right away at the power brick, did the "Flash Light" test, and to my luck it was a 175W Falcon!
And ofcourse it had a BenQ.

So if anyone is planning to buy a 360, and are want to make a safe purchase, I strongly suggest the above steps =)

#56 - posted by (71.142.23*.*)2008-02-29 07:59:48
I think you should add an option/COLUMN to select what fans came in the 360 (either Delta DC Brushless, Nidec, Or Sunon.) I think the fan selection is just as if not more important than the dvd drive now as those fans vary in noise produced greatly. It would help us all to try and get the better fans (nidec/sunon). Thanks !

#57 - posted by Fantasy Star (67.172.17*.*)2008-03-04 21:53:58
Keep up the good work, this will benefit 360 users for times to come.

#58 - posted by (99.227.24*.*)2008-04-17 23:29:59
Another vote for a drop down option to search by fan type.

I just bought an elite and got delta fans in it. Should I return it?

#59 - posted by ses (99.227.13*.*)2008-04-24 05:04:02
Good site bud! very informative

#60 - posted by JC.Denton (86.131.23*.*)2008-04-30 01:17:42
I just think is site is a great idea, keep up the good work. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!

#61 - posted by (69.249.17*.*)2008-05-20 04:27:16
Site needs to add LITE-ON to the list of drives. Identical tray to the BENQ, but is currently unflashable. Hard to tell the difference. The drives initially just appeared in refurbed units, but now appearing on store bought units.

See for current info on this drive.

#62 - posted by lalala2007 (201.229.24*.*)2008-05-22 13:06:07
I know this has been mentioned before, but I would like to repeat it so that you see that there are more people interested. I think it would be great if there was a column for the motherboard (Falcon, Zephyr, etc.) since so many people are looking for the combination BENQ-Falcon. I found this site very useful when buying my console.

Thank you.

#63 - posted by bala (72.9.15*.*)2008-06-20 14:04:10
Would be nice if we could see what kinda drives are coming in Halo Editions?

Im planning on buying one sometime next week...

If anyone knows what drive i could expect to get please do post here...

#64 - posted by mcalvelloxx (208.124.5*.*)2008-06-23 07:35:22
GREAT SITE!! It helps a lot with the modding.

#65 - posted by Stork66 (72.241.23*.*)2008-06-24 19:32:27
Hey, just wanted to say that this site is very helpful and I will soon be adding info about my 360, thanks a lot guys and keep up the good work!

#66 - posted by (89.146.17*.*)2008-07-09 09:18:52
I have one question?
I have flashed my xbox 360 elite(benq drive), but i dont have export the orginal firmwire. I have write down the serial key.
Its there a way, too swap the drives, with the serial key???

#67 - posted by (89.146.17*.*)2008-07-09 09:19:15
I have one question?
I have flashed my xbox 360 elite(benq drive), but i dont have export the orginal firmwire. I have write down the serial key.
Its there a way, too swap the drives, with the serial key???

#68 - posted by Gmaerpspe (75.61.24*.*)2008-09-08 20:23:06
Could you guys add "Jasper" motherboard option to the database??

#69 - posted by (219.90.21*.*)2008-09-09 11:09:00
my x Box does not lot or team numbers
found all other stuff but thats not there so i cannot post drive info as it is manditory requirement

#70 - posted by DaPistolPat (173.5.13*.*)2008-09-11 08:28:20
Please add jasper to the list, I believe it should go under motherboard but I have heard other wise because it is simply a shrunken die/nm.

Also, where are the pictures to tell apart the benq and liteon, all you need is a shot of where the wire is visible under the face plate and below the words 360 or so they say.

#71 - posted by (64.46.24*.*)2008-09-17 15:52:13
You have Casper listed as a motherboard , the correct name is JASPER

They should be out by the end of this month.

#72 - posted by victor (85.228.5*.*)2008-09-21 13:32:08
Hi i just wanna point out that the "casper"-board(as the site says) actually is named Jasper and its not released yet so no1 should have it in their xboxes.

#73 - posted by Backdown00 (69.127.16*.*)2008-10-05 17:24:30
Once again ,I think the types of fans that come in the 360 should be added as an option to list (either delta , sunon or nidec). The fan noise created by each set varies greatly and it would be great to know what console came with what.

#74 - posted by Waterfiend (76.228.4*.*)2008-10-08 14:28:35
Would you please prevent people from listing Jasper as their motherboard until we get a submitter with photos? Several gaming news outlets have quoted this site as confirming Jasper is out. But the ones listed so far have been debunked as Falcons.

I know you can't police everything on this site, but is it possible to suspend Jasper submissions till we have a working photo of the motherboard? That way, there's no second-guessing, we'll have a batch number / team and MFD to start looking with, and you'll have a photo on your site to help people confirm what they got for sure.

#75 - posted by (84.136.12*.*)2008-10-21 21:20:52
I bought myself a xbox today here in Germany cause I was tired if waiting. Gamestop gave me the newest one which arrived yesterday.
The Lot Number was 0833 The Power Supply has still 175W and the A which also should make it possible to recognize a fully Jasper is still 14,2A.

So I don't think that I got a fully Jasper. If M$ isn't that dumb they will only release a few Jasper's with a LOT Number like 835-840 and then just use the next Lot numbers for the Falcon again.

#76 - posted by backdown00 (167.206.23*.*)2008-11-12 22:17:21
how about adding a section to tell what type of fans come in the 360...

#77 - posted by Jordan (78.32.6*.*)2008-11-28 23:53:11
hey guys, i bought the xbox 360 elite from a week ago, and when it arrived it had most of the signs of a jasper however the power brick was still 175W, although i read somewhere that it still can be 175W to be a jasper perhaps just the first version before they reduced the watt on the brick.
ive uploaded photos of most of the parts (except motherboard) to prove everything, just need some ideas on what i might have. just remember no one works for microsoft so no one can be 100% sure yet what everyone has until theres photos of the actual motherboards :)

#78 - posted by Infiniti (85.228.5*.*)2008-11-29 12:56:03
Since they officially found the Jasper i think the owner of this site should remove all old "Jasper"-reports and make it possible to register new Jasper boards again. all Jaspers comes with 150W psu:s and use 12.1A. The amperage number are found on the back of the console on the left side of the barcode and is (from what i heard) possible to see through the small window (the one that makes it possible to see the serialnumber of the console) of the carboard box if you slide the console to the right and lift the up carboard slightly.

#79 - posted by (85.228.4*.*)2008-12-22 13:51:32
first of all.Sorry for my bad english!
I just wanted to give some feedback. This site is great, and very useful for people who are looking in to buying an Xbox 360. But it would be even more useful if you could make it possible for people to enter what type of fans their Xboxes got too. Since the NXE allows people to install games to their hard drives and quiet down their DVD-drives, The fans in the consoles will get more noticeable, and the Delta fans and Sunon fans generates a very annoying noise, while the Nidec fans are nice and quiet. Its quite easy to confirm which fans you got, i think nidec are all black while delta are white and Sunons are green and white.

#80 - posted by phil44 (92.2.22*.*)2008-12-23 02:13:38
Just want to say good site, i too have uploaded details of my xbox i just got on the 5th dec 2008 again showing signs of it being a jasper but going by the power supply its a falcon, dont want to ruin my warrenty by opening the box though to confirm 100% sorry :(.
But the site helped me make an informed decision on buying a xbox thanks we just need a few more pal uk people to post there models and dates especially what bundle pack if any as these seem to reflect what chip type you get as well.

#81 - posted by (71.187.8*.*)2008-12-25 02:43:30
This site guided me through my 360 purchasing quest. I cant thank you guys enough. I'm EXTREMELY satisfied I got the model I was hunting after.

Great work, keep it up guys!

#82 - posted by asifIwilltelllyou (92.20.20*.*)2009-01-02 21:36:25
Can we have a column added for whether there are RAM chips on the bottom of the motherboard or not - supposedly these can cause heat related issues due to bad cooling on them etc.

#83 - posted by DaFox (70.76.7*.*)2009-01-05 19:53:58
Add an "Unknown" option for the DVD Drives.

#84 - posted by manigamer (116.71.18*.*)2009-02-25 01:21:21
awesome site sure helped alot identifying a JASPER !

#85 - posted by (87.12.13*.*)2009-03-29 22:25:05
I'm happy to help you inserting my xbox informations.

#86 - posted by zendor (85.134.1*.*)2009-06-04 17:04:34
Hi, this site is very awesome. I just posted a friends xbox here, however i was unsure about the fan model, i tried looking at it but could be sure about the model. a picture of each fan would me great.

#87 - posted by hiromasaki (24.166.4*.*)2009-09-02 06:32:20
Just got a 360 Pro 60GB, and it has a lot code of 0841X. Database doesn't accept letters in the lot code.

Not sure if I have part of an oddball lot, or what, since the example photos don't show any lot codes with letters.

#88 - posted by m0dder (83.145.22*.*)2009-10-16 22:29:36
Please, add Liteon 83850C V2 (the new unmoddable model).

#89 - posted by (32.132.1*.*)2009-11-10 15:08:54
Love your site! Would you be interested in creating or at least hosting a ban database as well? You could collect information such as drive model, firmware version, motherboard model, last game played, checked for stealth, flashed drive with 360 as power source, ect...

I would be willing to help you code it. I'm good with PHP and was thinking of making my own ban database but I think it would be much easier to modify the code you use for this site. Even if you don't want to do it and don't mind giving me the code, I'll code it and give you props for the orginal code.

#90 - posted by LDP (82.132.13*.*)2009-11-30 20:04:15
Thanks for this great site. Can you please add system kernel version to the table, that is the version the console ships with from new.

The homebrew scene is about to kick off in a big way and it would be very useful to see what kernel versions are shipping with consoles.

Thank you

#91 - posted by LDP (82.132.13*.*)2009-12-06 15:10:10
To add to the comment above. The CB version would be more useful than the kernel version as it shows whether a console can use the JTAG exploit.

#92 - posted by (206.53.8*.*)2010-01-28 13:53:50
You guys Really NEED TO ADD LITEON 83850C V2 or V1 option to the forum it makes a huge difference in the flashin of it, v2 starts in August or July of 09 and is not marked on the model itself but they are diffrent and require much extra work flashing, thats the only way i know of knowing , very few aug drives worked anything after that didnt work the reg way of flashing, Ex v1 doesnt need spear for key xtrack V2 you need a spear or some sodering skills.

Just thought this would be of great help to your patrons/viewers

#93 - posted by L (60.241.25*.*)2010-02-09 13:12:09
Need an option for the special 250 gb xbox 360s. Would be very helpful to people looking to purchase and mod one of those.

#94 - posted by Jochem (145.97.6*.*)2010-02-18 08:53:14
Keep up the good work m8's.

I got a 74xxxx in december thanks to this site :)

#95 - posted by (86.167.10*.*)2010-05-01 09:51:16
Brilliant site.Isn't it great to know your machine inside out, to know when and who,, to know if you have got the dogs wotsits or a mongrel. 360. Mines 2yrs old and played to death and just gave the rrod microsoft repaired under the 3yr warranty and now its back and getting hammered and at peace again with the world ,,,Thanks database

#96 - posted by Jon (71.232.3*.*)2010-10-07 23:12:21
If you have purchased a bundle (FFXII, whatever), you must remove the sticker on the box and look at it through a light source to identify the true TEAM and LOT numbers. VMEM is not a valid team; the sticker is there to mask the information.

#97 - posted by (95.79.15*.*)2010-11-30 02:28:29
I think you need to add two more "Xbox 360 pack" types. It's a "Xbox 360 Arcade 512MB" and "Xbox 360 Slim 4GB".

Also It would be cool if you sort the list...

And maybe it's better to change "Xbox 360 Core" to "Xbox 360 Core 64MB" (forgive me if I'm wrong).


#98 - posted by (95.79.16*.*)2010-12-05 03:30:15
1. Rename BenQ VAD6038 into Philips & BenQ VAD6038
2. Rename Lite-On DG-16D2S into Philips & Lite-on DG-16D2S
3. Add Philips & Lite-on DG-16D4S drive in the drives list
4. Rename Valhalla motherboard in Trinity
5. How about adding Kronos motherboard in the motherboards list?

#99 - posted by meatwad (67.188.18*.*)2010-12-15 23:37:05
is it possible to use a falcon mobo to power a liteon 93450c?
the only reason is i dont have the original power brick for the liteon, which the original mobo used with the drive is xenon
plz help

#100 - posted by MomDad (122.245.19*.*)2010-12-29 08:54:19
Small typo in your introduction line:

"This is stictly a site to help ..." -> "This is st*r*ictly a site to help ..."

#101 - posted by (95.145.20*.*)2011-03-02 18:28:59
How about asking for the serial,this would help detect double insertions and stop it.

#102 - posted by (107.26.13*.*)2011-04-09 22:33:01
I'm trying to submit information on my slim xbox drive, it seems theres a problem with the website.
I'll provide the information for anyone to look or submit if possible, this information will be as accurate as possible.

1 Xbox Slim 250GB
3 2010-05-04
4 1019x
6 Philips Lite-on DG-16D4S
7 9504
8 Velje (v5 Slim)
10 Don't know
11 United States
12 N/A
13 Around June 2010

I hope this information helps someone in the future and please anyone try to submit this because I can't do it...thank you.

#103 - posted by (24.70.19*.*)2011-04-16 18:37:29
Please develop the video game called expendable for the xbox 360.

#104 - posted by (72.173.17*.*)2011-07-19 09:27:04
i need help i got ahold of a xbox 360 "halo edition" it has no dvd drive rest works fine i need to know what kind of drive goes in it plox help

#105 - posted by (193.151.12*.*)2011-11-25 16:10:55
Any chance of adding 'Corona' (Slim v6 - no HANA chip) to the motherboard options? Useful to know as they aren't compatible with RGH.

#106 - posted by (193.151.12*.*)2011-11-28 14:39:06
Thanks :)

#107 - posted by pill (82.227.15*.*)2011-12-05 00:48:37
You should add the 320GB Xbox 360 slim packs. I have the Gears Of War 3 limited edition w/ 320GB drive (european) lot #1133x, with a liteon 1071 drive, and I think it would be useful to your visitors if this info was entered.

#108 - posted by (173.247.2*.*)2011-12-05 23:20:27
I have the same issue as Pill I have Gears of War 3 320GB Slim with Lot 1134X with 1071 & had to add it as a 250GB slim. I did note it as a 320GB Slim in the Special pack area

#109 - posted by (84.211.25*.*)2011-12-08 23:18:10
this is great for the scene! many thanx!

#110 - posted by (24.145.4*.*)2011-12-12 14:26:08
readme for "xeBuild v1.00 (hotfix1)" says "added corona and winchester console types, currently not supported but there if needed" this could be a new motherboard revision?

#111 - posted by (41.97.9*.*)2012-07-30 15:49:29
i want dvd key

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