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Added: 2008-12-19 by Bobmonkhouse
Country: United Kingdom
Purchase shop/when: Blockbuster Games on 2008-12-19

No Memory card, 150w psu rated 12.1A on box

scans on till as Arcade Xbox 360 (Second release)

Lot was 0843X just i couldnt enter the X in the box
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Xbox 360 details:
Pack: Xbox 360 Arcade 256MB
Stock Bundle
Video mode: PAL
Manufacturer date: 2008-10-20
Lot number: 0843 (week of 2008-10-20)
Team number: FDOU
DVD Drive: Philips-LiteOn DG-16D2S
Firmware: 74850C
Motherboard: Jasper
HDMI: Yes, HDMI Connector
Fan model: Unknown


#1 - posted by mark (93.96.7*.*)2008-12-19 16:12:55
which blockbuster was this from please?

#2 - posted by (94.194.12*.*)2008-12-19 17:46:41
Blockbuster games in Maidstone, Kent

#3 - posted by MARK (93.96.7*.*)2008-12-19 18:53:11
Thanks mate I just got mine from blockbuster cannock after trying three other blockbusters before. I will list mine now, thanks

#4 - posted by Wayne (82.30.11*.*)2008-12-19 19:00:20
Just picked mine up in Portsmouth. Thanks OP. I had almost given up on finding a Jasper before Christmas. :)

#5 - posted by mark (93.96.7*.*)2008-12-19 19:04:29
Yes i had too this was my last go as I had traveled miles, i was going to buy another falcon tomorrow if i did not find a jasper

#6 - posted by mark (93.96.7*.*)2008-12-19 20:47:57
how quiet is yours? as mine is not as quiet as I had hoped for, even in the menu's the fan noise is annoying to me. Sounds about the same as my old 16.5a one

#7 - posted by (94.194.12*.*)2008-12-19 21:00:56
Yeh i havent noticed a difference in fan speed sounds just like my falcon tho im not so worried about the fan noise if my 360 lives longer

#8 - posted by Jamie (86.156.17*.*)2008-12-20 00:46:24
Hi wayne, where abouts in portsmouth did you get your jasper? Just wondering as I live in southampton. If I don't find anything near me then it would be great if you coulld tell me where you got yours :)


#9 - posted by Wayne (82.30.11*.*)2008-12-20 01:53:30

I got it at Elm Grove Southsea

#10 - posted by Jamie (86.156.17*.*)2008-12-20 02:36:17

#11 - posted by Mark (93.96.7*.*)2008-12-20 13:06:15
Well along as the fan noise is the same on everyone elseís I'm fine with that. After playing for around 8 hours last night it was not hot on the case at all and the air out the back was barley warm, looks like they have sorted the heat problem once and for all. For everyone looking for one, ring around all local Blockbusters and ask them to look on there computer for any stock that says Arcade Xbox 360 (Second release). Then itís just a case of them finding them out of there stock.
It will say on the box just 'Memory' not 'memory Unit' below where it has Ď256mb MB MOí. Check top and the sides of the box to see what it says as sometimes they are different. If it does not say memory unit anywhere you should have one. Then just check itís the correct amps of 12.1 or get them to scan it into the till to check it says Arcade Xbox 360 (Second release). Looks like Blockbuster is your best chance. Good luck

#12 - posted by Jamie (86.156.17*.*)2008-12-20 14:21:51
Thanks Mark! I got my jasper from blockbuster :)

#13 - posted by bongo (217.206.11*.*)2008-12-22 17:51:06

I've phoned Blockbuster and they said that Second Release has been labelled against all xBox 360 Arcade's since they had their name changed from Core to Arcade last November.

Should it be expected that the Blockbuster would of had delivery of these items within the past week?

I am trying to find an Arcade 360 Jasper in London.

#14 - posted by (90.211.0*.*)2008-12-22 20:44:32
to bongo, i bought 1 today at Clapham hight Street, i guess your representative is not very helpful like mine today. i guess its just luck to find an employee that is fond of jaspers. In the 1 I went today, there was a a low cut blonde haired guy with a blond beard and piercings. He knew about them and gave me 1. Clapham high Street

#15 - posted by Bobmonkhouse (94.194.12*.*)2008-12-24 14:17:10
im sure thats not the case it would just be labelled arcade instead of core the jaspers are the second release of the arcade as theres no memory unit

#16 - posted by Zico (90.198.21*.*)2009-02-04 20:36:39
Please can you take a picture of the box where you mention that it refers to the 360 as having 'Memory' and not a 'Memory Unit'. - I was in town this morning at GAME and I completely forgot that it should be 12.1A when looking through the hole in the back of the box (store manager was really helpful enough to bring down a box for me to check). I did remember reading your post about the memory on the outside of the box and I am pretty sure that it read '256mb MB MO' on the front of the box.

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