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Profile details:
Added: 2008-12-13 by StrikingHumus
Country: Netherlands
Purchase shop/when: Saturn Groningen on 2008-12-12

Power Connector on the console looks like a Jasper type! It's says 12.1A.
The power adapter = 175W.
There is 256MB inside. (No mem Unit)
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Xbox 360 details:
Pack: Xbox 360 Arcade 256MB
Sega Superstars Tennis
Video mode: PAL
Manufacturer date: 2008-10-13
Lot number: 0839 (week of 2008-09-22)
Team number: ADUE
DVD Drive: Philips-LiteOn DG-16D2S
Firmware: N/A
Motherboard: Jasper
HDMI: Yes, HDMI Connector
Fan model: Unknown


#1 - posted by (82.168.5*.*)2008-12-14 13:29:13
Great stuff!! I am really looking for a Jasper for my sons Xmas present.
I am off to Saturn Hoofdoorp in the morning to see if they have them there.
Are you 100% sure that this is a Jasper? can you post pics of the power stickers?
Thanks a lot!

#2 - posted by StrikingHumus (217.121.21*.*)2008-12-15 22:03:32
Nee, ik ben niet 100% zeker, maar wel het intern geheugen, de 12.1A en de power connector als op de weergave (foto) op deze site.
Kan toch (bijna) niet anders, dan een Jasper zijn?

#3 - posted by (145.52.25*.*)2008-12-19 16:25:42
please some pictures, in the Media Markt Den Haag you came accross some of them arcade packages with sega tennis.

But these are 14.2 A which shows throught the hole where the barcode is.

Please post some pictures to confirm.

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