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Xbox 360 profile

Profile details:
Added: 2008-12-09 by Bob G
Country: United States
Purchase shop/when: Target on 2008-11-08

XGX 00019
150 Watt
My date was 10-22-08 which I was looking for 10-23-08, oh well...
Lady at Target let me check it out before buying. Doesn't hurt to ask...
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Xbox 360 details:
Pack: Xbox 360 Arcade 256MB
Video mode: NTSC
Manufacturer date: 2008-10-22
Lot number: 0843 (week of 2008-10-20)
Team number: FDOU
DVD Drive: Philips-LiteOn DG-16D2S
Firmware: N/A
Motherboard: Jasper
HDMI: Yes, HDMI Connector
Fan model: Unknown


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