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Profile details:
Added: 2008-12-03 by Jria
Country: United States
Purchase shop/when: Best Buy on 2008-12-02

How in the world does a brand new Xbox 360 from BestBuy not even have a Falcon chip at the end of 2008?? I'm returning it, and MS can kiss my arse. I'm done playing the game of trying to find a console that won't die.
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Xbox 360 details:
Pack: Xbox 360 Premium 60GB
Video mode: NTSC
Manufacturer date: 2008-10-20
Lot number: 0843 (week of 2008-10-20)
Team number: FDOU
DVD Drive: Philips-LiteOn DG-16D2S
Firmware: N/A
Motherboard: Xenon
HDMI: Yes, HDMI Connector
Fan model: Unknown


#1 - posted by (82.135.6*.*)2008-12-03 21:18:32
What was Lot number and Team number of the Bundle box ?
In your report you say 843 FDOU and 2008-10-20 but it was on the XBOX 360 or on the box ?

#2 - posted by cole (65.24.3*.*)2008-12-03 22:22:08
How can it be Xenon and have HDMI... update your info.

#3 - posted by Jria (99.13.3*.*)2008-12-04 04:06:21
FDOU and 0843X was on the box. 10/20/2008 was on the console itself. I assumed Xenon since the power supply says 16.5, 203W

#4 - posted by JasperHunter2 (89.202.6*.*)2008-12-04 12:18:14
Infos on the power suplly aren't relevant.
May be it's another model you have to look the Amperage on the XBOX on the left side near TEAM nb (on the XBOX).

What was the number of LOT and TEAM on the XBOX itself???

#5 - posted by Jria (99.13.3*.*)2008-12-04 16:19:21
I don't know, I took it right back to the store. But I can tell you the power brick connector didn't have the 'Jasper' piece on it. So it definitely wasn't a Jasper. Maybe a falcon?

#6 - posted by shortbust1983 (96.238.23*.*)2009-02-28 23:03:49
I'm in the same boat! Same lot and team number. Same crappy old innards! I did the flashlight check to verify. This is unacceptable. I was having some disc reading problems with my falcon so I used my extended warranty at best buy for an exchange and I get a two year old model pretending to be something new. If you would like i started a thread on the forums about this if you would like to rant with me about it there.

#7 - posted by (74.105.3*.*)2009-07-10 18:35:11
i just checked mine that i bought in January and its its the same exact model

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