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Profile details:
Added: 2008-11-28 by kalbaska
Country: Germany
Purchase shop/when: Saturn on 2008-11-28

Saturn Dortmund, Germany
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Xbox 360 details:
Pack: Xbox 360 Arcade 256MB
Stock Bundle
Video mode: PAL
Manufacturer date: 2008-11-23
Lot number: 0843 (week of 2008-10-20)
Team number: FDOU
DVD Drive: Philips-LiteOn DG-16D2S
Firmware: N/A
Motherboard: N/A
HDMI: Yes, HDMI Connector
Fan model: Unknown


#1 - posted by MAX (78.54.1*.*)2008-11-28 14:40:44
Steht auf dem Netzteil 150W?? Dann ist es die neue Jasper!

#2 - posted by Splood (77.179.21*.*)2008-11-28 17:11:45
Würde mich auch interessieren.
2008-11-23 Manufa Date ist wirklich sehr sehr jung. Das wären Fünf tage bis sie im shop stand und das kann ich mir irgendwie nicht vorstellen. Gerade bei Saturn die ja auch Große Zentrallager haben werden.

#3 - posted by joe (89.12.10*.*)2008-11-28 17:50:55
I think it was a typo, it should be Manufacturing date 2008-10-23 which would correspond to LOT# 843.

#4 - posted by notme (217.236.8*.*)2008-12-02 15:58:25
Checked saturns in dortmund.. Saturn in the city is out of Xbox360 arcades, saturn eving has just old arcades (manufacturing date 14/15-08-08). Also, saturns in Hamm and Soest have nearly packages with the same dates..

#5 - posted by Ingrimsch (84.61.23*.*)2008-12-02 20:39:49
Checked Saturn Dortmund City today: The got a TON of Arcades and Pros, but theyre ALL mfg between July 08 and Sep 08. I think this ones Fake... too bad. :(

#6 - posted by JasperHunter (62.56.10*.*)2008-12-03 22:27:40
The new Jaspers are out, there are pictures on the net of it already. Go to the Xbox scene website and they have loads of pics with the new 150w power brick and Motherboard.

The LOT number for jaspers is 0843X and upwards. The X is the crucial part as no previous Xbox 360 LOT numbers had it.

I was in GAME today and asked the manager and he pulled out an 0843X LOT number which I immediately noticed the X, but I will wait until the LOT number gets higher to be sure its a Jasper.

#7 - posted by JasperHunter (62.56.10*.*)2008-12-03 22:31:24
Forgot to mention it seems that Jaspers are mainly the Arcade models at the moment. Everyone who has one has the Arcade.

#8 - posted by notme (83.236.14*.*)2008-12-04 08:31:06
Well... I also asked a few shops for their latest consoles and some have been so helpfull to open the box and even show the power supply.. All i saw had 175w.. Newest Xbox i found here in Germany was 1 Elite manufactured around 10/08 and an Arcade around 09/08..

#9 - posted by Ingrimsch (84.61.19*.*)2008-12-04 11:22:33
Sure Jaspers are out... im waiting for one too. But in Germany were nowhere near Lot 0843X. I checked the shop the OP was (notme checked even more!) and their newest consoles were manufactured in AUG/SEP. There has been no new Stock according to a helpful worker there, so I believe this post is completely FAKE telling us he found a LOT 0843X in EUROPE / Germany. Notme wasnt successful either, he checked even more shops than me.

Newest Arcades I found were in MediaMarkt Ruhrpark Bochum, which were manufactured mid September 2008. Damn... I want my Jasper! o.O

#10 - posted by JasperHunter (62.56.8*.*)2008-12-04 14:12:38
Sorry I am in the UK not Germany and my local GAME had LOT 0843X in stock. It was an Arcade model I was shown with that LOT number.

But the new Jaspers have 150w power, 256mb internal memory this time, so in the case of the Arcade model it will no longer contain a separate memory unit in the box.

So if they have started turning up in the UK I am sure Germany will not be far behind in receiving them.

#11 - posted by Quan (141.89.22*.*)2008-12-08 13:32:15
n Germany Jasper Models occured with 175W power supply. But on the XBox the Amper and Voltage numbers can be found - knowing them you can calculate if your box needs 150W (= Jasper) or more (!= Jasper).

See also:

#12 - posted by Marvin (80.171.11*.*)2008-12-13 12:27:35
Ich war grade in Dortmund..
Saturn hat keine Arcade und die Pros scheinen keine Jasper zu sein
einmal Lot 838 FDOU und Lot 842 ADUE (auf der Konsole!)
Karstadt hat aber Arcade da einmal mit nem Spiel drauf geklebt also alt..Und dann Lot 841 ADUE auf der Konsole mit 12.1V, also Jasper!
Allerdings sind die halt im Preis nicht gesenkt worden wie die Pros..
sprich Arcade 179,- Pro 199,- :( da warte ich nich und schaue nach eine Jasper pro

I just was in Dortmund City no luck at Saturn.. No Arcade Model
Pros were Lot 838 FDOU and Lot 842 ADUE all Falcon..
At Karstadt der were some Arcades Lot 841 ADUE (on the console)
the first I looked at was 12.1V -> jasper.

But der is a price reduktion in germany over the holidays so arcade is 179,- € and the pro 199,- € so I will wait and look for a Jasper pro...

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