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Added: 2008-11-10 by zeralph
Country: France
Purchase shop/when: Carrefour on 2008-11-10

175W PSU and 14.2 Ampers.
One interesting thing is that from the vent holes I can see that condensors are not the usual ones : they're smaller and fully metalic, the top is half painted in red.
There still be the extra GPU dissipator in front of the CPU one, and the PSU connector is cheaper than the one I had with mr RROD Xenon.
Far less noise and far far less heat than the Xenon.
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Xbox 360 details:
Pack: Xbox 360 Premium 60GB
Gears Of War 2
Video mode: PAL
Manufacturer date: 2008-08-22
Lot number: 0842 (week of 2008-10-13)
Team number: ADUE
DVD Drive: Philips-BenQ VAD6038
Firmware: N/A
Motherboard: N/A
HDMI: Yes, HDMI Connector
Fan model: Unknown


#1 - posted by Elb62 (77.196.2.*)2008-11-12 21:58:19
Are you sure it's a BENQ with this pack GOW ?

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