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Profile details:
Added: 2008-11-10 by Brand
Country: Germany
Purchase shop/when: Saturn on 2008-11-10

150W power supply. Jasper?
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Xbox 360 details:
Pack: Xbox 360 Arcade 256MB
Xmas Bundle
Video mode: PAL
Manufacturer date: 2008-10-25
Lot number: 0840 (week of 2008-09-29)
Team number: FDOU
DVD Drive: Philips-LiteOn DG-16D2S
Firmware: N/A
Motherboard: N/A
HDMI: Yes, HDMI Connector
Fan model: Unknown


#1 - posted by ValeYard (89.15.15*.*)2008-11-10 11:52:15
A power supply with 150 w would most definitely indicate Jasper, and you would be the first reported buyer of such an Xbox.

Could you post some pics of your power supply? We've had so many trolls lately that we can't trust anyone until we see hard evidence.

Hast Du die Xbox ganz normal in Saturn gekauft? Ich habe noch nie erlebt, dass die irgendetwas Neues hatten?! Also echt Glückwunsch! Wäre echt toll, wenn du ein paar Bilder deines Power Bricks posten könntest.


#2 - posted by (84.197.11*.*)2008-11-10 11:53:58
what is the amerage on the back of your console ? 12,1 ?

#3 - posted by Jmax (80.38.13*.*)2008-11-10 12:00:37
Any pics !?

Troll or true ? :D

#4 - posted by I know you (84.133.7*.*)2008-11-10 15:40:05
I have a 843 FDOU from a german saturn produced in 08/08, how the hell should your xbox be that NEW? Mine is a falcon.

#5 - posted by Corpse (85.16.4*.*)2008-11-10 15:40:54
hi i have seen the 0840 xbox too. but the seller tell me that is the falcon version. So I don´t buy it. Any Clues on your OVP? A X behind the number or something else? And could you upload pics from the OVP and you xbox 360?


#6 - posted by I know you (84.133.7*.*)2008-11-10 15:43:01
I can take pic of the box no problem ill post it in arround an hr. when i am home from work.

#7 - posted by ValeYard (89.15.15*.*)2008-11-10 15:53:35
That would be GREAT!

More important would be a pic of the power supply, so that we could read the wattage details.

Danke schön!

#8 - posted by i know you (84.133.8*.*)2008-11-10 16:12:46

No X, lot 843

#9 - posted by ValeYard (89.15.15*.*)2008-11-10 16:36:19
Could you provide a pic of your power brick and the details on your console?

That would be SWEET!!!

#10 - posted by xboxfan (190.83.2*.*)2008-11-10 16:50:15
I hope this is a Jasper n_n

#11 - posted by I know you (84.133.8*.*)2008-11-10 17:20:30
Please read my comment #4

#12 - posted by andula (77.178.16*.*)2008-11-10 19:21:08
hello people

please read the LOT from you xbox and not from the package.

at the pack ist the date of packege and not the produktion.

the true LOT nr. is it the serial Nr.

example, a have also a LOT 0843 (xbox with 007) on the pack but 0835 on my xbox.

Serial: xxxxxx83505 -> 835 is the true LOT.

on all xbox with games are wron LOT Nummber

#13 - posted by luv2rocku (116.71.2*.*)2008-11-10 21:47:10
come on post pic of your psu.

#14 - posted by luv2rocku (116.71.2*.*)2008-11-10 21:54:14
don't know why the hell he is taking so much time for taking a pic of psu :(

#15 - posted by fosure (87.96.21*.*)2008-11-10 22:38:58
cause its obviously fake cause he can't back it up.

#16 - posted by ValeYard (89.15.15*.*)2008-11-10 23:01:29
Come on, Brand, be a nice guy and post a pic of the powerbrick, or we're gonna call troll on you!

Could it be that this guy just took the details of the poster directly b4, i.e. Germany and Saturn? Can see his ip-address in any way like with the posters and check?

#17 - posted by mikea (207.172.7*.*)2008-11-11 00:56:01
To the poster with an 0843 ADUE - it is not really lot 0843 as some others have alluded to here. ADUE is a repackaging team that takes existing stock and adds games to them, usually with a new sticker covering the entire front of the box. The true lot # will be in the last 6 digits of the serial # on the console itself.

To the OP - pics or we don't believe you :)

#18 - posted by JoonKimDDS (70.179.11*.*)2008-11-11 06:18:32
this is obviously fake. There is no 150W 360.
Because I HAVE THE REAL JASPER U TROLL!! and it's 140W!!!!!!

#19 - posted by ValeYard (89.15.15*.*)2008-11-11 09:58:27
Ok everyone, just ignore this post, this guy's a troll.

#20 - posted by Corpse (85.16.8*.*)2008-11-12 12:33:21
I have seen the newest Xbox 360 by Saturn that they had. And that was still the 175W, Nice Seller that I could look in the OVP. But he told me that the first new 65nm gpu xboxes the old psu have and its possible that that one of the new is.

Give it other things how I find out if it´s a Jasper or Falcon Board without opening. And could it be true that old psus run with the new Board?

#21 - posted by (85.177.21*.*)2008-11-27 13:46:15
Here is a true Jasper

MFR 23.10.08
Power Supply 150W
12V DC, 12,1A


#22 - posted by dominatorishere (24.57.10*.*)2008-11-28 02:10:10
this guys box is Oct 25/08 w/ team FDOU which would indeed make it a jasper however his lot doesn't match. it should be lot 843.
Jasper boards have been confirmed at FDOU lot 843 date oct 23/08.
Something doesn't jive but if the date is correct he must have a jasper.

#23 - posted by dominatorishere (24.57.10*.*)2008-11-28 02:12:01
By the way anyone with a lot ending with X should be a jasper even though the power bricks use 175w, they are just using old bricks.

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