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Profile details:
Added: 2008-10-21 by sfinx
Country: Belgium
Purchase shop/when: Media Market BRUSSELS CENTER on 2008-10-21

175w /PSU
I think i have a Jasper
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Xbox 360 details:
Pack: Xbox 360 Premium 60GB
kung fu panda lego batman
Video mode: PAL
Manufacturer date: 2008-08-26
Lot number: 0835 (week of 2008-08-25)
Team number: AUDE
DVD Drive: Philips-LiteOn DG-16D2S
Firmware: N/A
Motherboard: N/A
HDMI: Yes, HDMI Connector
Fan model: Unknown


#1 - posted by billybob (205.236.22*.*)2008-10-21 13:39:39
Wow never heard of team AUDE. Manufacture date and lot# looks good. I sure hope its a jasper!!

#2 - posted by (199.17.5*.*)2008-10-21 16:23:20
Whats the amperage rating on the back of the console?

#3 - posted by anon (76.27.20*.*)2008-10-21 17:20:23
AUDE team is the team repackaging old stock with the games for the holiday bundle. When you check the outside packaging for the lot # and mfg date, make sure you check the console itself as well.

#4 - posted by (82.146.10*.*)2008-10-21 17:51:55
then i have a old 360 ? WTF?
iam @work now , will check amperage rate and come back soon

ps What i mention #lot and date was on console not package!
Only noted AUDE on package

#5 - posted by anon (76.27.20*.*)2008-10-21 19:13:33
No, you don't have an old 360, just older. The 60gb haven't been out that long so those are newer then say the arcades or elites.

The newest 360's are appearing in the prepackaged holiday bundles (at least here in the states).

Referenece to the lot # and mfg date was more for people who may be looking for them in stores and not actually buying them yet.

Does your package have a sticker of the games included for the holiday bundle on the front of the box or a full size printed image on the box itself?

AUDE is just a company putting together the bundles, not actually making the systems like FDOU or CSON. They did the same thing for the holiday bundles last year.

#6 - posted by (84.197.11*.*)2008-10-21 21:57:24
made some misstakes since i was in a huury the package was kung fu panda and lego indiana/
package noted ADUE not AUDE, sorry for the misspel
Lot Nr = 0836 sorry for that also noted 0835
power brick says 175w ..not 150 that for sur
i did check the labels again 2 stickers one above another I tried to remove the sticker which is impossible.
It has black solid ink and is to thin to remove properly.
Anyways started up the console and it seems to make a less noise. DVD drive seems more quite. and when drive is not spinning also
also :The box contains a image of the 2 games


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