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Profile details:
Added: 2007-12-14 by DK
Country: New Zealand
Purchase shop/when: Dick Smiths on 2007-12-07

Falcon, 175W Power brick
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Xbox 360 details:
Pack: Xbox 360 Elite 120GB
Stock Bundle
Video mode: PAL
Manufacturer date: 2007-10-09
Lot number: 0740 (week of 2007-10-01)
Team number: CSON
DVD Drive: Philips-BenQ VAD6038
Firmware: N/A
Motherboard: N/A
HDMI: Yes, HDMI Connector
Fan model: Unknown


#1 - posted by scuzzy2010 (60.234.15*.*)2007-12-18 05:55:19
Which branch ? What did it say on the box ? Thanks.

#2 - posted by (122.57.2*.*)2007-12-18 11:23:30
can you tell me which Dick Smith store your got your Xbox Elite?
Did you ask to see the LOT numbers or just take pot luck?

#3 - posted by DK (60.234.16*.*)2007-12-19 11:59:59
Bought at Lower Hutt branch. Box said 203W but came with 175W Power brick.

Yes, I asked to see the LOT numbers and Date of Manufacture on the boxes.

They also had some Pro packs (forza 2/Pinata bundles) with higher LOT numbers (i think LOT 0746 from memory) but they didn't have HDMI ports on the consoles - so I ended up buying the Elite.

Looked all over Wellington but couldn't find any 360's that had 175W written on the boxes - so I just took a chance. Mainly because 1). The shop assistant told me they just got this new stock in the previous day 2). It had a reasonable LOT number (most shops that I had checked were LOT# 0738) and 3). The Date of Manufacture on the console was fairly recent. I think you will be fine if you get an Elite that was manufactured in October.

#4 - posted by (122.57.7*.*)2007-12-26 21:45:31
I got an Elite atNoel Leeming. LOT 743 with 175w power brick. I guess its a Falcon? The drive and fans are a bit noisy though.
How do you find the fan and drive noise on yours?

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