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Profile details:
Added: 2007-10-11 by
Country: United States
Purchase shop/when: Walmart on 2007-03-25

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Xbox 360 details:
Pack: Xbox 360 Elite 120GB
Stock Bundle
Video mode: NTSC
Manufacturer date: 2007-03-07
Lot number: 0709 (week of 2007-02-26)
Team number: CSON
DVD Drive: Hitachi-LG GDR-3120L
Firmware: 0078FK
Motherboard: N/A
HDMI: Yes, HDMI Connector
Fan model: Unknown


#1 - posted by PMouth (74.132.6*.*)2007-10-13 06:16:00
How on earth did you manage a 709..?
What Walmart did you get this from..?

The 709 were original launch Elites and are impossible to find.

#2 - posted by (24.107.23*.*)2007-10-20 01:04:33
Ok This Is How I Got It. I Live In Syracuse, New York . I Purchased It @ Walmart In The Town Of Central Square Which Is About 30-45 Minutes North Of Syracuse. It Was The Only One Anywhere Within 2 Hour Drive Of Syracuse Because It Was The Elites Release Date And They Were All Sold Out ! I Told The People At Walmart To Hold It For Me Till I Got Theres Since Iwas Was From Out Of Town.
Now When I Got There I Didnt Exactly Purchase It. I Had Traded In A 360 That My Friend Had Purchaed Weeks Earlier. So Only Difference I Paid Was Warranty And Tax Which I Beleive Came Up To Like 84 Bucks.
Now When I Got Home I Gave My Friend MY 360 Core System Which Had I bought the hard drive for and gave him it and i kept the new elite.!!! He Was Happy So Was I Deal Done !

I Just Checked The Manufactures date on my elite just now it was manufactured on March 07,2007 !!! And I Bought It On Release Date

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